The music thatcaresses your soul ...
Candles, evoking the senses ...
Herbal tea that soothes the body and soul ...

Welcome to the Wellness Centre of Hotel Slovenija!

Wellness center offers everything necessary for complete relaxation and maintaining physical and mental health. Hotel guests have free use of indoor pool with thermal mineral water, saunas and whirlpools.

Swimming Pool
Indoor swimming pool with thermal mineral water is the latest addition to the hotel. The healing power of water is very soothing. Bathing in thermal mineral water rich in sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium gives the feeling of being reborn, has a very favorable effect on inflammatory and degenerative diseases of joints and soft tissue.

Sauna is a true fountain of youth. In it we relax and sweat for physical condition, stronger imunity and beauty effects. It stimulates our immune system, and protects the body against colds and other illnesses. You can enjoy in Finnish sauna.


SPA "Sanus per Aquama" - health through water. Our ancestors already knew the healing power of water, the therapeutic effect of heat and the wonders of massages. They knew that merged together - water, heat and massage – they have even more powerful healing effect on human body. Today we know a unique combination of all three elements - whirlpool.
Whirl systems: The jets that swirl the water and push it through the holes, relaxes tense muscles. The consequence of this is to improve the flow through the previously tense muscles and better supply with oxygen and vital nutrients.


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