According to magnesium content Donat Mg is unique mineral water in the world. It springs from the depth of 280 m to almost 600 m. In one litre of Donat Mg more than 13 grams of solid mineral substance is dissolved, among which magnesium is the most important one. In one litre there is more than 1000 milligrams of magnesium, and thus Donat Mg has been ranked first in the world among such mineral waters.
With magnesium your body functions better.

Magnesium si one of the most important elements in 200 metabolic processes in a human body. It is especially important for membrane transport systems, muscle contractions and glucose decomposition, protein and nucleic acid synthesis and oxidative fosforilation, which is the source of the energy necessary for life.

Wholesome characteristics of Donat Mg are an important part of a healthy life. With the exception of those with severe kidney damage or serious heart condition everybody is recommended to drink Donat Mg. Every day.

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